Long experience in naval qualification with our work for naval shipyards and navy ships.

Lining and decking of all types of woods
Structural elements
Naval qualification
Metallic carpentry
Highest quality

We work hand in hand with the client following all the technical characteristics and regulations of the sector, which allows us to obtain the highest quality in our work.


Lining and decking of all types of woods
We are professionals in nautical carpentry for ships and boats. We maintain, repair and install new or damaged decks. We have a consolidated experience in the manufacture and installation of decks for the marine industry, also performing the technical inspection that ensures compliance with requirements and standards.
  • Teak decks
  • Deck sheathing
  • Coatings, insulation and finishes
We offer an integral service of fabrication and technical advice, including assembly and supervision to guarantee the quality of our work.

Naval qualification

Quality par excellence

We perform an integral service of naval qualification. We have qualified and specialized labor covering high quality standards.

We have turnkey contracts with which we guarantee a complete outfitting of all departments of the vessel ensuring not only greater comfort and efficiency, but also compliance with all the technical requirements we face.

Furniture Bulkheads Doors Panels and Ceilings
Upholstery Flooring

We use quality materials with which we certify the suitability of our products to marine environments and their resistance over time.

Metallic carpentry

In addition to the manufacture of custom-made wooden furniture and other elements that make up the boats, in SEIJAS we have professionals in welding and blacksmithing that allow us to reach the development and assembly of integral and combined elements of metal and PVC carpentry.
Metal carpentry applications:
  • Metal structures
  • Windows and doors
  • Enclosures and insulation
  • Screens and railings
We work with the technical specifications that guarantee the fulfillment of all the legal and safety requirements essential in the sector.
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