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We make the custom carpentry of your kitchen.

Your kitchen

We take care of the design, manufacture, installation and assembly of the carpentry of your kitchen, regardless of the style of kitchen required by the customer. Whether it is a reform or a new construction, we carry out a preliminary study of the project to adapt to the space, speed up times and achieve the perfect finish. We work with the best raw material and with the combination of traditional and avant-garde carpentry techniques that allow us to obtain the best result in the furniture, whatever the wood we work with. In SEIJAS we are specialists in handcrafted carpentry and we have the necessary means and experience to carry out metal carpentry works. We have professionals in blacksmithing and other techniques such as plumbing, masonry, electricity, etc. that allow us to ensure a complete service to our customers.

In SEIJAS we have a long experience in the manufacture of custom furniture, from large-scale projects to unique furniture elements.

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Bathrooms accordion-plus accordion-minus

We are specialists in the manufacture of custom-made bathroom furniture. We work with the best materials and the right woods to create a resistant and durable furniture for the temperature and humidity conditions of the room.

Both furniture for sinks and auxiliary furniture, we always look for the maximum optimization of the storage capacity of the bathroom.

In addition to manufacturing, our multidisciplinary team has the ability to carry out the installation of the furniture taking into account plumbing, electricity, etc.

Doors accordion-plus accordion-minus

In SEIJAS we design, manufacture and install custom-made wooden doors for the interior and exterior of the house.

We take care of the manufacture and installation of all kinds of doors, with different finishes and combined with other materials. In addition, we have different types of doors according to the opening and security system, adapting to the needs of each client.

  • Sliding doors
  • Solid wood doors
  • Reinforced doors
  • Folding doors
  • Doors with or without glass
  • Interior doors
  • Armored doors
  • Folding doors

We elaborate a personalized budget for each project, according to the materials, the volume of service and the time of labor used.

Closets and dressing rooms accordion-plus accordion-minus

We manufacture made-to-measure closets and dressing rooms, making the most of the space, adjusting to the decoration of the house and adapting to the tastes of the client.

In SEIJAS we work with the best suppliers in the area with which we guarantee an optimal and lasting result in time.

We offer an excellent customer service, guaranteeing an efficient work and meeting the agreed deadlines. 

Floors accordion-plus accordion-minus

Our team of professionals has a long experience in the manufacture and installation of wooden floors both indoors and outdoors. 

We carry out the complete installation of floors in integral reforms and new works adapting to the conditions and offering durable and wear resistant finishes.

Windows accordion-plus accordion-minus

We manufacture made-to-measure windows made entirely of wood, mixed or aluminum, adapting to the needs of the house and ensuring optimal thermal-acoustic conditions.

We work with different types of materials and enclosures controlling their resistance and durability.



Our commitment to the environment and respect for our main raw material, wood, makes us be in constant knowledge of the latest restoration techniques. 

In SEIJAS we carry out restorations, both of works and unique pieces, preserving the maximum possible material and giving a second useful life to the furniture, regardless of the type of wood we are dealing with.

Realizamos la reforma integral de tu vivienda
Realizamos la reforma integral de tu vivienda

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